Adding image

by erfan

Posted on: 2021-02-24

Adding image


There is a tiny little bit problem with uploading images from the editor and I looked for it but I couldn't manage to fix it so …

for uploading images you should go to the Add image section and you will see something like the image below and you could just upload images there.

there is a little I'm not a robot to avoid spamming .

Then in View All Images you could see the image and the link in front of it, you could just click on the link and it will copy on clipboard then go to the editor and in with the drop-down you could pate the URL here and the image will be showen

Also, if you paste the image URL inside the editor the image will be magically shown.


When you add an image it's better to add an Alternative text to the image in case the image doesn't show. (Just click on image)

Also, add an Image link if you want.


If you aren't the owner of the image Please add a caption to the image and write the image owner and link it with his/her website or something.

Reduce the image size for faster load:

On this website ( you can reduce the image/gif size by about 40%!! this reduces your post load time. Use it. 



I cannot currently host files ;( but you can upload them on your google drive and share the link.

Also, there are some websites that give you a direct link for a file, but they have expiration! (like



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