Adding HTML

by erfan

Posted on: 2021-03-03

Adding HTML

For adding HTML you should just click on Insert HTML(), then just write HTML there and after you finished don't forget to click on )

For example, you want to add a little image at the end of the line “This is an Image”:

<p>This is an image <img src="url_to_image"> </p>

you can upload and get the image URL from the Images section (read this)


Some HTML tags you can use (in case inside the HTML snippet):

<b></b> : Bold tag

<i></i> : Italic tag

<h1></h1> … <h6></h6> 







<hr> : horizontal rule tag


Embed Codepen:

If you want to post about HTML, CSS, JS basically web designing, you can use the Embed Codepen feature. To do that you have to sign up in Codepen and then write some codes. When it was ready, at the bottom of the page you can choose Embed.

and then choose light or dark mode and copy the HTML code that is generated.

then on the editor open Insert HTML(HTML snippet) and paste it there. It should work.

here is an example (pen by JHEY):

See the Pen Bear Five Like Button 🐻 by Jhey (@jh3y) on CodePen.

Cool huh!


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