Useful tricks for better post

by erfan

Posted on: 2021-03-02

Useful tricks for better post

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A nice autocorrect:

I use Grammarly to write English content better, it's so useful and I recommend you use it for writing more clear.

Just add its chrome extension, then it will appear in any textboxes that you want.



Animated terminal presentations:

There is a site you can create animated terminal presentations.

Here is the website:

After you created your presentation you can export it as SVG, HTML, or GIF.

I highly recommend you to use HTML, after exporting to HTML simply copy the content in that HTML file and open click on and paste it there.


For example, you can use it as below:
for i in range(5):

when we run the file:



Have some long code?

If you have some long code that doesn't pretty to put on the posting page, you should see Ubuntu Pastebin.

And also, you can use Gist and it is so awsome and you can edit it and takes track of changes but banned in Iran.


Reading time

It's better to add a Read time on top of your post, but how to calculate it?🤔

There is a chrome extension that will do it for you!

it's a little bit annoying so do it as below:

  1. right-click on the extension icon
  2. chose This can read and change site data > when you click the extension.

after you calculated the reading time, write it after the title(inside the content section)

and use italic and an indent like below:

n minutes read.


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